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#TeamRiverLegacy Profile – Emma Davies

#TeamRiverLegacy Profile – Emma Davies

Working hard to support grassroots paddling, #TeamRiverLegacy come from all over the country to volunteer at events. Real paddlers give up their time, for free, to make sure you have the best time possible and get out onto the water. So we decided to put a name to those faces behind the bar!

Emma Davies

Age: 21

Where were you born and where do you currently live?
Was born and raised in Swansea, and am now in uni there!
What’s your day job?
I’m a university student studying Geography
How long have you been involved with RL, when was your first event?
Teifi Tour 2016, so only last year
Whats your role at River Legacy, and what do you do at events?
Kitchen – I help to prepare and cook all the food for the Saturday night meals at the events. I also help feed the amazing volunteers that set up the marquees and bar for the parties.

What boat do you paddle?
Usually I borrow a Z1 from my university club.
Favourite place to paddle?
I haven’t done many rivers yet but I would say my current favourite is the Usk
Favourite RL event and why?
Teifi Tour – as my first event I had no idea what to expect. I’d heard the legends of the swimming pool and competitions from my friends, as well as the amazing atmosphere that the event has. It certainly lived up to its expectations and all the River Legacy volunteers made me feel so welcome and like I was part of the family straight away. I’m already looking forward to next year
Do you have any stories or highlights worth sharing?
The one that sticks out for me was celebrating my 21st birthday at this years NSR. Everyone made the weekend so fun, from laughing all day in the kitchen whilst cooking 21 kilos of pasta to drinking all night with a bunch of zombies it’s certainly a birthday that I will never forget!

How did you get into paddling? Who introduced you to the sport and helped with your first steps?
I joined my university canoe club in Swansea and it all took off from there! I played in the university canoe polo team last year at BUCS and Varsity. With regards to rivers, I’m pretty nervous around white water but everyone I’ve ever met within kayaking has been so helpful and reassuring. It’s really helping me gain confidence and paddle more and more.
RL supports grassroots paddling and encourages participation in paddlesport, how important is that and what would you like to see us do over the next couple of years?
I think it’s really important to support smaller clubs and university clubs that help encourage people to try out the sport. Without Swansea University Canoe Club I don’t think I would have ever got in a kayak! What are you most excited to do in 2017?
I definitely want to start paddling some more rivers and do some more sea kayaking over summer.
What would you like to see River Legacy do over the next couple of years to improve?
I’d love to see some smaller events with more of a focus on paddling itself, like getting involved in the boater X events at Cardiff International White Water.


River Legacy is a charitable trust which organises events through out the UK to raise money to provide facilities, support and funding for paddlesports in the UK.