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Governing Bodies for Paddlesports in the UK

British Canoeing (UK and England)
Canoe Wales
Scottish Canoe Association
Canoe Association of Northern Ireland 

White Water Centers in England and Wales

Artificial white water courses are a great way to get into kayaking, with coaching, equipment hire, and safety often available. Find one near you and get on the water!

National White Water Center, Tryweryn, North Wales
Lee Valley White Water Center, Hertfordshire
Cardiff International White Water, Cardiff
Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham
Nene White Water Center, Northampton
Tees Barrage International White Water Centre, Stockton on Tees

Other Charities and Organisations

We are not directly involved with all of the organisations listed below, but believe they do important work and we want to share it.

Save our Rivers work to protect rivers in the UK and beyond from damaging developments and loss of legal protection. Check out their website and Facebook page for more details and info on how to get involved.

Rivers Trust are a group of environmental charities in the UK and Ireland who aim to protect river environments for people and wildlife. For more information take a look at their website and Facebook page.

Good Night Out Campaign train and support nightlife organisations to better understand, respond to, and prevent sexual harassment and assault through their accreditation programme. River Legacy is proud to say that we completed the training in September 2020 and are an accredited GNO organisation. There’s more information available on their website and you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Diversity in the Outdoors

Following the Black Lives Matter protests in summer 2020 River Legacy feel that we have a social responsibility to use our platform to tackle racism and promote inclusivity within kayaking, to allow everyone to enjoy the sport and flourish. A small part of that is educating ourselves and others, so we’ve included some reading here, mostly from a UK perspective, about racism and diversity in the outdoors.

Team River Legacy

Check out our Team River Legacy paddlers below, an incredible group who kayak all over the world. We’re very lucky to have a team of likeminded kayakers who support our work to get people on the water. They keep us up to date on their adventures and help promote River Legacy events.



Beth Morgan: Read her Team Paddler Profile and follow her on Instagram.







Sal Montgomery: Check out her Team Paddler Profile and follow her on  Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.







Eddy Mead: Read his Team Paddler Profile and give him a follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.







Andy Kettlewell: Read his Team Paddler Profile and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.







Jack Grace: Read his Team Paddler Profile and give him a follow on Instagram.







Joe Rae Dickins: Team Paddler Profile coming soon and you can follow him now on Instagram and Youtube.