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#TeamRiverLegacy Profile – Beth Morgan

#TeamRiverLegacy Profile – Beth Morgan

Working hard to support grassroots paddling, #TeamRiverLegacy come from all over the country to volunteer at events. Real paddlers gives up their time, for free, to make sure you have the best time possible and get out onto the water. So we decided to put a name to those faces behind the bar!

Beth Morgan


Name: Beth Morgan

Age: 26

Where were you born and where do you currently live?
Born in Somerset, live wherever the rain is and my local run is anything with water in!
Whats your day job?
I used to work in a bank but I quit to go kayaking and spent 6 months in India. I’m making full use of my funemployment but will get a job at some point…
How long have you been involved with RL, when was your first event?
I was NSR Rodeo Boss in 2012 and have been involved with team River Legacy for a few months. Looking forward to being there at NSR 2017.
Whats your role at River Legacy, and what do you do at events?
I paddle for #TeamRiverLegacy and volunteer where I can.

What boat do you paddle?
Pyranha 9R
Favourite place to paddle
Too difficult a question! Norway, India, New Zealand….. and it’s hard to beat a lap on the Glen!
Favourite RL event and why?
NSR! I went to Leeds university so it was a massive part of my university life. I then organised it in 2012. It’s an amazing feeling to stand on top the hill and look down at what you’ve created.
Do you have any stories or highlights worth sharing?
I’ve become slightly infamous for winning the party at NSR. Falling asleep in a ditch and jumping off the roof of a minibus being some of the more spectacular ends to the party!
How did you get into paddling? Who introduced you to the sport and helped with your first steps?
I learned to paddle as a kid. We went on family holidays to France where I threw myself down Lyon slalom course under the watchful eyes of my dad and uncle. It changed from a holiday activity at university. When I finished I went travelling and kayaking became a bit of an obsession!
RL supports grassroots paddling and encourages participation in paddlesport, how important is that and what would you like to see us do over the next couple of years? 
Very important! I want everyone to be able to try out kayaking and see how amazing it is for themselves! I’d particularly like River Legacy to support more female participation in the sport as this is something I’m very passionate about! Kayaking has always been seen as a male dominated sport but this is slowly changing and I see more and more women on the river every time I go. It’s also very common for people to start kayaking at university and stop when they graduate as there’s no longer a convenient club which they can borrow kit from. I think a project which encourages participation from adult beginners and intermediates are very important and it would be great for River Legacy to support keeping these people in the sport.
What are you most excited to do in 2017? 
Go to Canada! It’s been top of my list for ages and I’m heading there in April. I cannot wait to head to a new country, meet a load of amazing people and, of course, paddle some epic rivers.
What would you like to see River Legacy do over the next couple of years to improve?
I think it’s great that RL have set up a team and are now very active on social media. The main challenge is to increase awareness of the charity side to RL. I think that it would be great to utilise the team and other volunteers to set up “give it a go” days where the general public are invited to try out kayaking with volunteers helping out and coaching.
River Legacy is a charitable trust which organises events through out the UK to raise money to provide facilities, support and funding for paddlesports in the UK.