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River Legacy’s singular objective is to provide funding, facilities and support for paddlesports in England and Wales.

The vast majority of money we have available for grant funding comes from the profits generated by our trading subsidiary ‘River Legacy Events Ltd’, and so we do not have an unlimited amount of money available to donate.

Therefore, in order to maximise the impact of our limited funds, each application for funding is discussed fairly and thoroughly by our trustees.

We give donations to a variety of causes of a variety of sizes, as little as donating bin bags and gloves for a river clean up in Cardiff, to donating £5,000 to Kingfisher Canoe Club to build their new club house. In each instance, where funds allow, we look to help as much as we can.

For 2018 we have created a ‘Funding Awards’ system, working on a six-monthly cycle. In each cycle there will be a number of specified awards that can be applied for, with applications submitted during the first three months. During the second three month period our Trustees can meet discuss each application to determine which projects will receive funding. For the Funding Awards system, we have set a maximum of £1,000 for each donation.

The dates for the current Funding Award Cycle run from October 2019 to January 2020.

In this current application cycle we will be accepting applications for the following awards:

Applications will be open from 02/10/2019 – 31/01/2020, with decisions for funding announced on or before 30/03/2020 The aim will be to announce the decisions by NSR 2020.

Application Criteria:

Each application will be considered on its individual merits. As a general guide when applying for funding the Trustees will be considering the following criteria:

• Longevity of the project
• Reach, the number of people who will be positively affected
• Relevance to that award
• Cost
• The ratio of cost to benefits
We will also give you space to explain in detail your project and give information on your canoe club, if applying on behalf of a club.

We may also contact you after you have submitted your application for further information before making a final decision. Please reply to any correspondence as quickly as possible for us to fully consider your application.

Terms and Conditions

  • Awards cannot be given to projects on which the money has already been spent.
  • Applicants are only allowed to submit one application to each award.
  • All required sections of the form must be completed for an application to be considered.
  • The award cannot be used for a project that results in monetary gain for an individual, business or club.
  • River Legacy reserve the right to withdraw an award if we feel any of these conditions have not been met.

We are currently not taking new applications.

If you are unsure about if your project qualifies, please get in touch