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River Legacy is a registered charity, whose aim is provide funding, facilities and support for paddlesports in England and Wales.

We aim to achieve these goals in a number of ways. Firstly, by running paddlesports events that get paddlers on the water and new people involved with our sport. This is where our trading subsidiary, River Legacy Events Ltd, comes in. River Legacy Events works at a number of events each year, including NSR, Teifi Tour and Tryweryn Festival, providing bar facilities and parties to support events that get over 1,500 paddlers on the water.

The profits made by River Legacy Events Ltd are then passed to River Legacy to allow grants and funding to be issued by the charity. For examples of projects that we’ve been able to support with grant funding, take a look at the projects link (above)

River Legacy is managed by a board of trustees, who decide on funding applications received. The day to day operation of River Legacy Events Ltd are run by a management team led by company directors appointed by the River Legacy board of trustees.

River Legacy Trustees:

  • John Hillier
  • Zander Lee
  • Katie Edwards
  • Andy Turton
  • Lynden Wales

River Legacy Events Ltd Directors

  • Ben Turner
  • Simon Waterfall